Django Pack

User autentication & profile management

django-allauth is a mature and active project on Github which can let you quickly get relevant jobs done.

It already contains some useful features below

  • User authentication

  • Email authentication (with email confirmation)

  • User registration, login, logout

  • Simple user profile page

  • Social login, signup

Django-allauth is not silver bullet so it might not help in some cases. So you might need to customize it or write code on your own to solve your problem.

How to make it Restful

Please check django-rest-auth

How to override Django allauth

For example, you want to change the signup process of Django-allauth

You can create a custom CBV (class-based view) and declare it as subclass of Django-allauth signup view class.

from allauth.account.views import SignupView

class CustomSignupView(SignupView):
    # Please overwrite method here

signup = CustomSignupView.as_view()

Then in your,

url(r"^accounts/signup/$", users.views.signup, name="account_signup"),
url(r'^accounts/', include('allauth.urls')),

How to send the invitation

If you do not want to open your signup page and want your project invite-only. You can check links below


django-invitations & django-allauth